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Rigors of competition

Enterprises, in general, are having a difficult time in maintaining their momentum of steady business growth as a direct consequence of different regional markets losing their individual identity and becoming a part of a unified global market.

In today's competitive environment, success is no longer primarily dependent on how well you manage your plants or your day-to-day operations. Rather, success is more and more dependent on how quickly and consistently you meet customer needs. Hence, the need for solutions which facilitate the collaborative way of working, is gaining significance worldwide.

Growing dependence on technology

To achieve growth in these competitive times, organizations are gearing up to meet the demands of the e-Business supply chain. There is a need for a dynamic strategy for open collaborations, by capitalizing on the loyalty of suppliers, partners, customers and employees. The ability to manage this need with effective use of technology is the key to business success.

To meet the modern-day dynamic requirements, enterprises need cost-effective, time-tested and comprehensively integrated enterprise IT solutions. This calls for Enterprise Technology Solutions developed by experts who thoroughly understand your business and business needs.

AGT InfoTech

Advanced Global Technologies (AGT Infotech) provides solutions using various technology platforms with Oracle, 3i-Infotech, SUN Microsystems, Microsoft, Fujitsu-Siemens, ILID, Psion Technologix etc. and have strong capabilities in designing and delivering Vertical Business Solutions mainly to Business Houses, Financial Services Organizations, Industrial Organisations in Manufacturing, Contracting, Distribution & Trading, Retail, Telecommunication, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Conglomerates

Assuring your Return on Investment

The industry is plagued with customer complaints about investments in multiple  products over time that require expensive customization and implementation; and still do not meet expected business needs - too often resulting in bottlenecks and added management overheads.
Changing technology also contributes to these gaps that are left over time as organizations do not consistently keep in line with new developments.




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