About Huzaifa Furniture LLC -

Since 1976, over more than four decades, they have selectively built a series of unique experiences with 5 showrooms across the UAE, that celebrate style.

They present a leading-edge vision of the contemporary genre with curated lines of furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs and art, with support services for curtains, wallpapers, paneling and everything it takes to create an integrated look.

Their digital store presents the totality of this experience online with shipments to Oman, KSA and Qatar besides UAE.

Implemented by AGT, an Odoo registered partner, with 120 users of Odoo and growing they have successfully achieved their objectives asked of an ERP system to manage their business.

Popular Product Categories

  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Fabric & Mattress
  • Storage
  • Beds
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Clearance
  • Shop by Room
  • Gift Card
  • Fabric Protector

Business Units

Design Studio

Offers a wealth of insight into materials and methods that come with the expertise to craft a bespoke look. Their designers have an eye for detail and can express every nuance you wish them to.

Crafted from diverse materials. Made with Fiber and flamboyance, Steel and strength, Brass and boldness, Copper and cool.


Deep manufacturing skills and vast logistical resources make it possible to deliver at scale.

Operating backstage, is a fully integrated manufacturing platform that includes woodworking and joinery with advanced CNC capabilities, metalworking, powder coating and electroplating setups.


The team brings to the table project management, value engineering, global procurement and manufacturing strengths.

Their solutions encompass a wide range of furniture, soft furnishing, woodwork, millwork, precision work in stone, glass and metal covering everything, from floor to wall to ceiling, Interior fit-out, Refurbishment etc.

Challenges faced by Al Huzaifa

Prior to using Odoo, Al Huzaifa experienced a number of pain points that were halting their growth. The company used a variety of solutions (Orion ERP, Woo Commerce, Stock Track Plus Warehouse Management and Tally together with Microsoft Excel) and had a number of areas they wanted to address which weren’t being met by these previous software solutions.

Al Huzaifa wanted to be able to assign Sales to different channels (B2B and B2C), be able to use forecasted availability as a means to book orders and promise customers delivery dates as soon as a sales order is confirmed. They also wanted to offer a multi-language and currency website for their international clientele and also integrate their Ecommerce to their core system for seamless operational efficiency.

They had an Inventory system as part of their core ERP which was not effectively integrated to their Warehouse Management and they ran two parallel systems for Inventory management which led them to having huge discrepancies in Stock and operational issues in promise and delivery to customers.

The next complication Al Huzaifa faced was online stock management. They sold configurable products having parent child relationships via their Woo commerce website. However, altering products as per customer requirements in multiple ways led to complicated system requirements to tie orders and inventory. Without a systematic solution to users spent a lot of time and effort and Al Huzaifa could not lower expenses. Further, while customizing products, they lost track of stock, which caused problems when selling to customers.

On the other hand, as the company continued to expand its operations and pursue new business opportunities, it had become increasingly important to have a sophisticated reporting system that is built-in and captures all sales data and generates metrics such as business performance, quotation to sales order reports, which allows the levels of users and managers to make accurate and profitable decisions, and increase productivity within the team. They had to depend on their IT team to generate such reports earlier and this would take time and many times result in lost opportunity in not being real time.

The solution to realize their objectives

Upon acknowledging these pain areas and plans of expansion, Al Huzaifa came to the conclusion they wouldn’t be able to achieve this with their current solutions. The company decided to research the market in search for an integrated ERP solution that would meet all their needs in one platform. Whilst researching, Al Huzaifa came across Advanced Global Technologies (AGT) - an Odoo partner and was instantly intrigued by what an efficient, flexible, and user-friendly Odoo backend system could offer with support from its dedicated helpdesk team whenever assistance and training are needed, ensuring all staff at Al Huzaifa get on board and decided to implement the solution with Odoo.

For a fast evolving company such as Al Huzaifa, flexibility is of high importance. Al Huzaifa has found using Odoo and collaborating with trusted and committed partner, AGT, has provided a great flexibility which they were missing. This scalability facilitates Al Huzaifa’s growth program and Integration of their business units has quickened the time to execute strategy.

The option to include custom code adds value as automating some of their characteristic and complex business processes has enabled Al Huzaifa to continue to bring the latest innovations into their business.

By relying on Odoo to manage Al Huzaifa’s business operations, they’ve saved a lot of costs that would have otherwise been sunk on purchasing several different pieces of software as well as the attendant costs associated with trying to integrate all of them, train their employees on each separate system, manage their billing and deal with multiple security, server and maintenance costs. By using a cloud-hosted all-in-one solution that performs well, they have been able to achieve their objectives at a fraction of the cost.

Company Metrics

Company name: Al Huzaifa Furniture LLC

Location: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

No  of Companies


No of Showrooms


No of Warehouses


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Hosting & Edition (Enterprise)

Partner name

Advanced Global Technologies (AGT)

Odoo Modules in Use : With Al Huzaifa’s needs outlined, AGT implemented the following Odoo apps to ensure the solution would address the challenges previously faced;

  • Accounting
  • Consolidation
  • Expenses
  • Documents
  • Approvals
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Discuss
  • Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Point of Sale
  • Website
  • Dashboards
  • Email Marketing
  • Events
  • Contacts
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Marketing
  • Inventory & Warehousing
  • Bar Code
  • Helpdesk
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • eSign


Anglo-Saxon accounting was setup where the requirement was to effect Cost of Goods Sold when the Sales Invoice is confirmed and for the Stock Input and Output accountsInterim Stock Accounts are used.

It made it possible for Al Huzaifa to enable Cost and Profit centers tracking with Analytic accounts. It also made it possible to record transactions by different divisions and sub divisions for Sales, Purchase transactions.

Further, it ensured receipt of payments or multiple part payments as advance payments with Tax Invoices before deliveries are done. Sales Invoices are made only if full payment is done by customer; also special access is given to specific users who can allow to invoice where payments are not done. Al Huzaifa can now easily reconcile payments and automatically generate final Sales Invoices.

Three companies are created for different business units and consolidation module employed to generate separate and consolidated books of accounts. Besides Intercompany transactions were also setup to ease the working (buying and selling) between the companies.

Post Dated Cheques Management module was incorporated for both Receivables and Payables to reflect accurate cash flow and monitor the statuses of payments and receipts

Odoo has been integrated with Planet Tax Free. In a matter of moments, shoppers can complete a transaction, receive a digital invoice and share it directly with Planet Tax Free at all retail locations. Upon departure from the UAE, the tourists can use one of more than 100 self-service kiosks available at departure points, for a simple, quick and hassle-free refund experience.

Refund Transaction process flows from Reception to request approvals from Showroom Manager to Warehouse Manager to Finance Manager.

Month Closing and Opening allowed for specific users.


Inventory enabled a variety of multi-functions (routes, operation types and rules) for warehouse and inventory management. The warehouse has been configured for three step movement stages for inbound and outbound stock Input/QC/Store for inbound and Pick/Pack/Deliver for outbound.

Products included in a single sales order may take stock from two (or more) warehouses. A selection at Item level was provided to make it possible to take stock from multiple warehouses.

Delivery Schedule has been incorporated to allow for promise to Customers and efficient management of Deliveries. This is based on a Calendar of dates allowed/disallowed keeping in view holidays and times of deliveries.

Reservation of Stock is done automatically at Sales Order level wherever stock is available or forecasted. The reservation is for Multiple Purposes, display in showroom, hold for display, damage Items etc. Location Transfer Out is allowed from Multiple Location to Multiple Location.

Big Tag Printing with Bar Code Labels on receipt of items. Small Tag Printing for Transaction with Document Print.

Parent Child relationship made for Items with BOM (Kit Master) and automated Sales/Purchase of child items whenever Parents are sold/purchased. The same is integrated with Magento Ecommerce.  ​​


Request for Quotation, Enquiry, Supplier Quotation, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt (GRN) and GRN Costing and Supplier Return for different stages of Purchase Transaction.

The landed cost allows the user to include additional costs (shipment, insurance, customs duties, etc.) into the cost of the product.

Purchase types were created to distinguish between and analyze LC, Direct, Fabric, Mattress, Local, Service Purchases etc.

Shipment Advice details were captured in the Purchase itself to give details of the ETD, ETA, Container and other details for each item in the Purchase Orders


Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Tax Invoice, Delivery Note, Sales Return, Tax Credit Note for different stages of Sales Transaction.

Mattress Request, Fabric Request from all Showrooms go through the requisite set of approvals. Balance Payment record maintained in Sale Order, Customer Visit Transaction, Daily Reporting Sheet at Retail locations, SMS/Email to Customers. Discounts are handled in Sale Order for Different Club Card Members also approval for any special discount requests.

Sales Commission with selection of Multiple Sales Person in every sales order in Odoo. It is allowed to split the Percentage of Sales Order / Sales Invoice / Sales Returns values - Sales Person wise for commission calculation and Creative Circle Calculations.


Customer Service Transactions start with First Information Report (FIR), Customer Complaint Form where user records all the information related to complaint and till the solution is provided. Direct reference to Sales Orders can also be linked to each of the FIRs



Website app in an Intranet configuration made it possible for Al Huzaifa to book orders on Tablet PCs as the customers are on the move with the salespersons in the showrooms/warehouses. One can see the Inventory status, Prices and book orders directly on the move. The same can also be used during warehouse mass sale campaigns as well.

Odoo Manufacturing

Helps manufacturers schedule, plan and process manufacturing orders. With the work center control panel, we put tablets on the shop floor to control work orders in real-time and allow workers to trigger maintenance operations, feedback loops, quality issues, etc.

By creating quality control points, we set up quality checks that automatically trigger at specific points during production. The quality check is automatically created and assigned when the specified operation or work order has been reached.