​General Trade and Distribution
The Complete Solutions for Wholesale and Retail Trading Business 
The All-in-One Business Software Odoo helps you organize and handle all operational processes smoothly, flexibly and efficiently.
Aspects of the best trading business
Easy + Powerful = Valuable
​Strong logistics
Faster distribution
Fully functional inventory
Modernized marketing
Dedicated operational methodology
Sales/Purchase Analysis
​Odoo for your Trading Business
Odoo a modernized business management solution will be your apt choice for the effective functioning of your trading business. Equipped with advanced operational functionalities Odoo puts forward your business operational satisfaction and easiness. 
The exceptional operational features of Odoo which are suitable to run a Trading business make it the best solution.

The omnichannel solution by AGT enables you to have a 360-degree view and efficient operations in eCommerce. 
By centralizing and automating our processes, we provide a simple and straightforward solution to both our customers and their virtual stores, which handle eCommerce orders in a decentralized manner.
The warehouse management of the future
What does it take to operate and plan a warehouse? In addition to well-trained warehouse staff, warehouse equipment or transport vehicles, a reliable and intelligent ERP system is of the highest priority for a successful warehouse management. This is exactly what AGT has implemented.

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Hassle-free Sales operations
Run your sales operations to function with easiness and with dedicated operation management and controlling tools
Draft Sales quotations
Well-structured Quotation templates
Sales order via email to customer
Send out Proforma Invoices
Define custom payment methodologies
Discounts and Coupons programs
Complete Sales team Management
Automated Sales Warnings
Ability to lock orders
Integrate numerous Shipping connectors
Manage E-commerce and retail sales

Product Procurement management
Manage the purchase operations based on your trading firm requirement from multiple sources at the same time  
Draft & send out Purchase quotation
Send out Request for quotations(RFQ)
Manage Multiple vendors
Customizable Purchase agreements
Call for tenders & blanket orders
Create your own Product procurement rules
Capability to run Drop-Shipping operations
Approval and request management

Enhance your Customer Relationship Management
Bring in more and more customers to your business by pursuing each lead and opportunity of business through the help of the dedicated Odoo customer relationship management model.   
Lead mining to obtain information on leads
Lead enrichment get lead details online
Generate leads from emails
Leads from website visitors
Lead follow up activities
Dedicated pipeline operation
Direct integration with sales module
Reporting on leads, pipeline, and activities

Complete Warehouse Management
A dedicated inventory module of the Odoo will support the warehouse operations of the company from the aspect of product movement in and till it has been delivered to the customers.
Coordinate Multiple warehouses
Well structured Storage locations
Batch picking to ease product picking
Product packages
Barcode scanner for easy product moves
Email and SMS confirmation
Integrate multiple Shipping connectors
Product tracking and traceability with serial numbers

Processing lead time

Define Landed cost on products

Product movement routes and rules

Run Cross-docking operations

Whether you use lots, serial numbers or unidentified products, you can use barcodes to speed up operations at every step:
  • Reception control
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Work orders
  • ...and more!


The business software Odoo is designed for users. It is flexible, easy to use, updated annually, and has the best value for money. 


Odoo connects and integrates all business processes on a single, modular solution. Without requiring complex integrations and interfaces.

Open Source 

The Odoo community has over 1500 active members. In addition to 80 main modules, 40,000+ apps from the community expand the range of features of Odoo.


Odoo has 7 million users and releases a new version every year. The ERP business software is the most installed open-source solution worldwide.